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Winter Storm Jonas Brings a Blizzard of Dairy Free Delights

What were you doing during last weekend’s blizzard, the so-called Winter Storm Jonas?  Binge-watching some favorite tv show?  Sleeping late and then lying around most of the day?  Checking in on tv and internet news to get the latest updates … Continue reading

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The 5 Dairy Free Products Everyone Should Have

Whether you avoid dairy products for health reasons, or know someone who does, there are 5 dairy free products that you should have in your refrigerator/freezer.  With these products on hand as a base, you can face any recipe, substitute … Continue reading

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Underground Pizza makes our pie half dairy free, half not

While exploring Manhattan’s Financial District in April and trying to decide whether we wanted to live there, we saw Underground Pizza, just a short two-block walk from where we would eventually put up stakes.  And Therese was not long in … Continue reading

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Seafood pesto pasta: getting a handle on a classic

On a recent afternoon, I had a craving for pesto.  Raised to believe that all sauce that went on pasta was red, the discovery of pesto as the most amazing thing with which to mix pasta has been one of … Continue reading

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Veal and Sausage Ragu with Pappardelle: this time, at home!

Often when I go to an Italian restaurant, it is hard finding something to order that doesn’t have dairy as a main ingredient.  If I find pasta with ragu, meat sauce, on the menu, though, I am usually in luck.  … Continue reading

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Meatless Monday on Tuesday: American Flatbread pizza with fixings

I like the idea of having Meatless Monday.  I used to be a vegan, and while I am no longer one, I recognize that it is healthier to eat vegan, and better for the planet.  And I enjoy eating good … Continue reading

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Re-heating Linguine Carbonara with Daiya Mozzarella shreds

The last time I made linguine carbonara, I had lots of leftovers – not a surprise, given that I was making it just for myself.  When I did research into how to handle the leftovers, the consensus seemed to be … Continue reading

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