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Dairy Free Milk Alternatives

Nowadays there is much debate over which is the best of the various dairy free milk alternatives.  I don’t wish to repeat the information that is already out there; for example, I will not be telling you which are the … Continue reading

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Almond milks, part two: tasting four different brands

After beginning a discussion of almond milk last week, I thought it would be interesting to actually taste some almond milks and talk about how they compare to each other.  In addition to the three I mentioned previously – Almond … Continue reading

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Almond milk, part one: exploring the best alternative to dairy milk

I am long overdue in talking about almond milk, the best alternative for drinking, cooking and baking to dairy milk that I know.  Nutritionally, it is far superior to dairy milk – it is a natural source of calcium (the … Continue reading

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Vegan chocolate mousse: disposing of Valrhona chocolate, part one

Two nights ago I made vegan chocolate mousse for the first time.  I previously mentioned that I got some free Valrhona chocolate.  I asked for some ideas on what to do with my chocolate.  One person on Facebook suggested making … Continue reading

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Cookie King’s Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

For almost 20 years I have been baking a vegan chocolate chip oatmeal cookie that is so good that my friends call me “the Cookie King.”  It is actually an old Quaker Oats recipe that I originally clipped off a … Continue reading

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