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Natural and Monoprix Rouen Make Dairy Free Living Easy

When we arrived in Rouen, I wasn’t that concerned about finding ample dairy free foods.  After all, I’ve been there before, and didn’t have too much trouble that time.  Plus, I had researched food stores where I might find dairy … Continue reading

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France and Bulgaria Month-long Vacation Overview

It’s been a while, I know.  We were on vacation for a whole month, and between the preparation before, the vacation itself, and the recovery time after (jet lag, ugh), I have been out of the habit of regular blogging … Continue reading

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Ben and Jerrys Dairy Free Ice Cream Finally Readily Available

Well, last time I was telling you how hard it could be to find Ben & Jerry’s dairy free varieties in New York City.  I am happy to report that these dairy free delights are now available at national chains … Continue reading

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New Paris France Dairy Free and Vegan Food Options

This will be the third time I am writing a preview to the dairy free restaurants and food stores in Paris, France.  I keep writing anew because (a) I find new places each time I plan our upcoming trips (some … Continue reading

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Previewing Dairy Free Options in Rouen France

This summer, at the center of our vacation is a lengthy stay in Rouen, France.  We visited there previously, in early May of 2014, and loved the Cathedral, the Gros-Horloge and lots of other things.  We also loved the food … Continue reading

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Finding Ben and Jerrys Nondairy Ice Cream in New York City

Since Go Dairy Free announced back in February that Ben & Jerry’s was releasing dairy free ice cream flavors, I have been itching to get my hands on some of it.  Checking the Ben & Jerry’s website, I determined that … Continue reading

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Dairy Free in Manhattan Supermarkets

Going dairy free in Manhattan supermarkets is easier now than it probably ever has been.  And yet, it can still be a challenge.  Being safe and eating well on a budget has always been a challenge in Manhattan, for sure. … Continue reading

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