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Saturday Culinary Village Charleston Wine & Food Festival

Saturday in our Wine & Food Festival week in Charleston was devoted to that feast of all feast, that sampler of all samplers, the Culinary Village, held in Charleston’s Marion Square. We started off our day with a very light … Continue reading

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Charleston Insiders Weekend

Therese and I were overjoyed to spend my recent birthday weekend in one of our favorite U.S. cities, at the Charleston Insiders Weekend.  It seems that nowadays every serious traveler wants to go beyond just visiting the popular sights and … Continue reading

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New York Wine and Food Festival Grand Tasting 2014

This October we attended our third New York Wine & Food Festival weekend.  We took part in three events – two hands-on cooking events on Saturday (more on that in another post) and the Sunday Grand Tasting at cavernous Pier … Continue reading

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Dairy Free Seasonal Side Dishes: a Family Tasting

With Thanksgiving about a month away, and Xmas looming a month beyond that, I am starting to think about incorporating some new dairy free dishes into our holiday fare.  Not that I don’t have some perennial favorites already in the … Continue reading

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Dairy Free at the NYC Wine & Food Festival Grand Tasting

The centerpieces of the NYC Wine & Food Festival are the Grand Tastings that take place in cavernous Pier 94 on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  We attended the Sunday Grand Tasting as part of our weekend at the Festival.  It … Continue reading

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Chia Pods: a New Way to Look at an Old Seed

When I hear the word “Chia” I immediately think of Chia Pets, those curious novelties sold on late-night television which involve a terra cotta figurine covered with a chia seed paste which you water until the seeds grow into something … Continue reading

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Almond milks, part two: tasting four different brands

After beginning a discussion of almond milk last week, I thought it would be interesting to actually taste some almond milks and talk about how they compare to each other.  In addition to the three I mentioned previously – Almond … Continue reading

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