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Green Curry Basil Lobster Roll: Curry on a Sandwich!

Therese and I love a good lobster roll.  I always have to make sure they don’t butter the roll before toasting it, but otherwise it is a pretty reliably dairy free treat.  So I was thrilled when Therese pointed out … Continue reading

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Red Lobster: Is Anything Dairy Free There?

It has been decades since I have eaten at a Red Lobster.  More than 3 decades, to be exact.  So when my Mom mentioned possibly going to the Iselin Red Lobster, on Route 1 in Woodbridge Township, for lunch, I … Continue reading

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Everglades Restaurant: Stellar Seafood in Orlando

Our Monday dinner at Everglades Restaurant was ample reward for making the trip from Naples to Orlando that day.  If you go by maps, it says you can drive from one city to the other in 3 hours and change.  … Continue reading

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Paella Mixta, My Way: Dairy Free, a Bit of Crust

Paella Mixta is a very popular dish around our house.  Whenever I make it is an event.  And while it is one of those dishes that can be made so many different ways (more on that later), I have developed … Continue reading

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Luke’s Lobster: Dairy Free Lunch in the FiDi

On Saturday, while making an excursion out into the cold, Therese and I were delighted to stop in for some lunch at Luke’s Lobster.  We had first discovered this location of the popular chain here in the Financial District nearly … Continue reading

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Lobster Toast: a Romantic Brunch can be dairy free!

For last weekend’s brunch, Therese and I came up with a collaborative new creation: Lobster Toast.  Now, I know the title doesn’t really tell it all, but that was the best thing I could think of to call it.  This … Continue reading

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Dairy Free Seasonal Side Dishes: a Family Tasting

With Thanksgiving about a month away, and Xmas looming a month beyond that, I am starting to think about incorporating some new dairy free dishes into our holiday fare.  Not that I don’t have some perennial favorites already in the … Continue reading

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