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Zucchini Quiche Muffins: Thanks, Gluten-Free Homemaker!

Among the groups I follow on Facebook is that of the Gluten-Free Homemaker.  As you know, I don’t restrict myself to eating dairy free.  I am open to trying all kinds of allergy free combinations, and even have been known … Continue reading

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Family Tapas Dinner

Last Saturday, Therese and I had everyone over for a fun Family Tapas Dinner.  In this case, everyone meant Therese’s brother Sam and his wife Cyndi and their two children Hope and Dan, and Therese’s daughter Valentina and her husband … Continue reading

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Sea Salt, Tapas, Skirt Steak: Oscars Night in Naples, FL

Oscars Night, this past March 2nd, found Therese and I visiting with her mom Eileen in Naples, Florida.  I thought it would be fun to inject a little Spanish tapas action into the proceedings, since we had a great bottle … Continue reading

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Snyder’s Restaurant & Stuggy’s Hot Dogs: Baltimore & Fells Point

Two weekends before Halloween, Therese and I took Amtrak down to Baltimore, had lunch at Snyder’s Restaurant with her grandfather, and saw Fells Point on Saturday.  Then on Sunday we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival before driving to the … Continue reading

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Re-heating Linguine Carbonara with Daiya Mozzarella shreds

The last time I made linguine carbonara, I had lots of leftovers – not a surprise, given that I was making it just for myself.  When I did research into how to handle the leftovers, the consensus seemed to be … Continue reading

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Linguine carbonara or spaghetti carbonara?

Okay, before I get into the question of what the two dishes Linguine carbonara and Spaghetti carbonara are and how they might be different, I will simply tell you what I did.  I used a spaghetti carbonara recipe from Emeril … Continue reading

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