Peaceful Provisions Headlines Pine Box Rock Shop Vegan Shopup

Peaceful Provisions Headlines Pine Box Rock Shop Vegan Shop-up

I am always ecstatic to learn about new sources of good quality scrumptious vegan baked goods.  So when my brother Chris told me about Peaceful Provisions, a floating bakery that shows up at various events in Brooklyn, I was very excited.  The regular event and venue where he had encountered them was not to be repeated for a while, but in the meantime, I found out that Peaceful Provisions would be showing up at the Vegan Shop-up event at Pine Box Rock Shop.  Being not far from where my daughter lived at the time, in Bushwick Brooklyn, the two of us decided to meet up there and check out the vegan sweets.

Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwick Brooklyn

That day was one of the few we have had this year that actually acted like winter – there was snow on the ground and it was quite cold.  I was interested to see the painting on a nearby building decorating Swallow Cafe – the area is pretty gritty looking with lots of old brick buildings, but is definitely enlivened by the businesses that have moved in like Pine Box Rock Shop.

Swallow Cafe in Bushwick

And did I mention that Pine Box is a tavern that has live music and also sells vegan snacks to go with their artisanal microbrew beers?  Yes, that’s right – rock music, beer, vegan snacks.

When we walked in, Peaceful Provisions was setting up just inside the door.  So while we waited for them to unfurl their chocolates and brownies, we explored deeper into the pub.  They have a large room in the rear where I would imagine their musical acts set up, and on this day there were several vendors who had set up tables back there.  Included was Riverdel Cheese Shop, who had a table with a panini press on it, offering samples of their excellent vegan cheeses on one end of the table, and selling hot sandwiches at the other end made with vegan cheese.  It was great to catch up with Michaela, Riverdel’s owner, and my daughter bought a sandwich for her lunch.

Further in the back, I met Sarah Feoli, the owner and maker of Rescue Chocolates.  I have bought a couple of the varieties of this brand at Riverdel in the past, but it was great, on the one hand to meet Sarah, and on the other hand to have the chance to sample every one of the varieties of chocolates they sell.

Of the ten different chocolate bars Rescue offers, I bought three: the Cookies n’ Cream (which I have had before) and two new ones for me, Fakin’ Bacon and Peanut Butter Pit Bull.  As may be pretty obvious, Sarah is passionately committed not only to the mission of creating excellent vegan chocolates but also to rescuing unfortunate animals (her business supports various animal rescue organizations).  She is delightful, and her products are first-rate – as a chocolate-lover who does not care for bitter dark chocolate, I am thrilled by her chocolate bars which balance the strength of the chocolate with other classic candy ingredients like peanut butter (other bars I didn’t buy that day have great ingredients like mint and figs).

After speaking with Sarah, I noticed that Peaceful Provisions was ready to go.  I bought a mixed selection of their offerings – I would guess I took home maybe a third of what they were selling that day, a mix of brownies and pie and chocolates.  I was so thrilled to be taking these home, and enjoyed them over the course of the following week.  Next time I find them, I will do a more in-depth write up of the individual offerings.  Rest assured there wasn’t a dud in the bunch, and I have to thank my brother once again for turning me on to the existence of this incredible purveyor of vegan sweets!

Peaceful Provisions Takeaway

By the way, if you are wondering how to find Peaceful Provisions, if you sign up with them on their website, they will email you notices to let you know when and where they will be selling their awesome desserts.  Or you can check the Vegan Shop-up site to see when they will next be showing up at Pine Box Rock Shop (upcoming dates include this Saturday, March 11th, as well as April 15, May 13 and June 10).

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