Vinnie’s Pizzeria Serves Williamsburg Vegan Slices

Vinnie’s Pizzeria Serves Williamsburg Vegan Slices

Vinnie’s Pizzeria Serves Williamsburg Vegan Slices

I am sure there is somewhere in Manhattan where you can get a good slice of vegan pizza.  But my home neighborhood of Midtown is pretty bereft where that is concerned, so I decided to head to Brooklyn, where vegan food is more likely to be found.  Specifically, hipsterville central, aka Billyburg back in the day, now known to the latest crop of hipsters as Williamsburg.  More specifically, the area’s Main Street of sorts, Bedford Avenue.  There, Vinnie’s Pizzeria has an area dedicated to vegan pizza, and they don’t seem shy about it.

Vinnie's Menu Boards

Vinnie’s Menu Boards

Examining their menu boards while the counterman waited on another customer, I saw that there was some mention of vegan options in the lower righthand corner.  OK, good start.  But did they have individual slices, or would I have to order a whole pie to get it vegan?  Well, a small sign in the middle of menu boards put me at ease on that subject.

Yes, They Have Slices

Yes, They Have Slices

I know they weren’t talking about vegan slices, but nevertheless, that did calm me down.  Besides, I had seen on my way in that there was a special vegan slice for the day, the “Jorge Never-Daiya.” I had heard that their vegan cheese is Teese, a brand I tried but didn’t much care for, so when I arrived and learned that they are using Daiya Mozzarella Shreds on their vegan slices, I was mighty psyched (Daiya being one of my favorites, you see).

Today's Special Pizza Slices

Today’s Special Pizza Slices

So the counterguy became free, and I asked to see the vegan slices, and he showed me that they have a tray set aside just for those.  Awesome!

The Tray of Vegan Pizza Slices

The Tray of Vegan Pizza Slices

The reason there are two slots empty in my picture is that the counterguy had already taken my two slices away to warm/finish them in the oven.  I got one of the specials, with vegan sausage, peppers and onions, as well as one with pineapple and vegan short ribs.  I had eaten breakfast not long before, so I opted to take mine to go, to eat them at home later on.  I carefully carried them on the subway, and when I got home, took them out, and they looked splendid.

My Two Slices - the Special with Vegan Sausage, and a Pineapple and Vegan Shortbread Slice

My Two Slices – the Special with Vegan Sausage, and a Pineapple and Vegan Shortbread Slice

I ate the special (on the right) just a little while ago.  Nice mildly sweet sauce, excellent chewy thin crust with just enough crunch.  The test for me is in whether I want to eat every last morsel of the crust – and I did, oh yes I did.  I will eat the other slice for my snack after my afternoon swim (I can’t wait!).

With the short subway ride out there – it doesn’t even take half an hour to get to Bedford Avenue on the L train – I will be back soon to sample more of Vinnie’s vegan fare.  I hear they sell vegan boneless wings – sounds good to me!

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