Sun in Bloom Vegan Prospect Heights Restaurant and Bakery

Sun in Bloom Vegan Prospect Heights Restaurant and Bakery

Sun in Bloom Vegan Prospect Heights Restaurant and Bakery

In Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood, on a side street and just blocks from the Barclays Center entertainment complex, is Sun in Bloom, one of the borough’s many vegan restaurants/bakeries.  I fully intend to visit them all, and report to you on every last one.  I was in the neighborhood last Friday, having just visited Riverdel Vegan Cheese, so Sun in Bloom became the first one to get crossed off my list.

Out in front of Sun in Bloom are not one, but two handwritten sidewalk signs, one with a picture of an appetizing cupcake drawn on it, and the other one with a philosophical saying by spiritual author Eckhart Tolle.

Entering the restaurant, you walk right into the dining room, which is dominated by a long metal common table in its center, running nearly the full length of the room.

Sun in Bloom Dining Room

Sun in Bloom Dining Room

At the far end of the room is the counter, and beyond that the kitchen.  As I made my way to the left of the table toward the counter, I passed a couple of refrigerator cases containing desserts like raw mousse and slices of cheesecake.  On the counter were other desserts like cookie sandwiches, and behind the counter were cake stands containing cupcakes and muffins.  I returned to the refrigerator to select one each of the raw mousse and a raw blueberry cheesecake slice, and then picked up a chocolate chip cookie sandwich.  My purchase concluded with a carrot cupcake.

My Purchases from Sun in Bloom - Carrot Cupcake, Raw Mousse, Cookie Sandwich and Blueberry Pie

My Purchases from Sun in Bloom – Carrot Cupcake, Raw Mousse, Cookie Sandwich and Blueberry Pie

I would not say that these were the most amazing desserts I’ve ever tasted, but they were all good.  The best might have been the blueberry cheesecake.  It was light and tangy and not too sweet, while the rest of what I tasted was pretty over-the-top in the sugar department.

The block of Bergen Street where Sun in Bloom lies is an interesting mix of old Brooklyn and newer businesses, with neighborhood fixture Pintchik’s Hardware on the eastern corner and adult toy store Babeland just next to the restaurant, for example.  This is a neighborhood very much in flux, with huge new apartment buildings going up along nearby Flatbush Avenue.  It is hard to imagine what this neighborhood will look like in years or even months to come.  Hopefully, niche businesses like Sun in Bloom will continue to cater to the local residents and survive all the upheaval.

Sun in Bloom

Sun in Bloom

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