Charleston Fall Tours of Homes and Gardens Weekend

Charleston Fall Tours of Homes and Gardens Weekend

Charleston Fall Tours of Homes and Gardens Weekend

Since Therese and I are now regular visitors to Charleston, more and more we are getting into the events that take place in Charleston year-round.  Case in point: since we first heard of the Fall Tours of Homes and Gardens, we have wanted to go, and we finally got our chance just a couple of weekends ago.  The tours, put on by Charleston’s Preservation Society, give participants a chance to see inside some of the extraordinary historic buildings in Charleston that are in private hands and are, therefore, not usually open to the public.  In addition, there are several walking tours available which explore themes related to different neighborhoods and historic ideas lead by guides who are experts in their subject matters.

Rather than write one post covering the entire weekend, or even a few splitting the weekend up by day, say, I decided to write brief individual posts on each place we visited and event we attended.  This post is an overview to guide you to those individual posts.  Below are headings which will be hyperlinked to those posts, and brief descriptions of those places and what we did there.

Friday, October 16.

Cibo Express Markets, JFK Jetblue Terminal.  Since we were leaving NYC on a Friday early afternoon, I felt I should get some lunch to carry and eat on the plane.  Cibo has become a trusted vendor for me, which carries some great dairy free products.

Embassy Suites Historic Charleston.  After staying at all the Hilton properties in Charleston, the Embassy Suites on Meeting Street is our favorite.  This time when we stayed there, we got the best room on the second floor, with a jacuzzi!

167 Raw.  Several Charleston locals have been telling me we should go to 167 Raw.  Our first meal of the weekend seemed like as good a chance as any!

Saturday, October 17.

Diggity Doughnuts.  Little by little, Charleston is adding restaurants and food sellers with good dairy free (and vegan) options.  I was thrilled to get a chance to visit Diggity Doughnuts and bring back some vegan doughnuts.

Marion Square Farmers Market.  Whenever we are in Charleston on the weekend, we always walk through the farmers market.  We even bought a couple things this time!

82 Queen.  After picking up our badges and maps for the afternoon tour at the Preservation Society, we walked just down the street to have some lunch at an old favorite.

Architectural Gems House Tour.  Our first tour of the weekend.  We saw 7 houses in 3 hours, and it was definitely a marathon.  They were all different, and I was surprised as to which one turned to be my favorite.

The Ordinary.  The previous night at 167 Raw, a couple sitting next to us who are part-time Charleston locals recommended we try the Ordinary, another seafood restaurant which is a popular spot in Charleston.  We called for a reservation, and then went over for dinner.

Sunday, October 18.

Wrought Iron Gates Tour.  On a morning with a bit of a nip to it weather-wise, we were taught about the history of Charleston’s signature wrought iron gates, and take around to see many extraordinarily beautiful ones.

Hyman’s Seafood.  Hyman’s turned out to be not far from the end of the morning’s tour.  And since this is another one people have been telling us we should try, we had to go!

Keep checking back – I will begin writing the individual posts very soon, and hope to have all the hyperlinks added hopefully in just the next several days.

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