4 Dairy Free Pizzas: Previewing a Taste Test

4 Dairy Free Pizzas

4 Dairy Free Pizzas

This week I am putting into action an idea I’ve had for a long time: to taste the 4 dairy free pizzas that are (fairly) consistently available at Whole Foods Supermarket.  OK, pizzas are not the height of culinary experience; but frozen ones make an easy lunch, and it is not easy to find a good dairy free one.  And in the interest of full disclosure, yes, I have eaten all four of these previously, so I have an idea of which one or ones I like best.  But I thought it would be fun to eat them back to back (to back to back) so that I could compare taste, consistency, etc. while it is still fresh in my mind.

Of the four, the one to most recently reach the market is Daiya’s Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Pizza, one of the four varieties Daiya produces.  Coincidentally, Daiya’s Mozzarella cheese is used on all four of the brands of pizza (which validates Daiya’s place as the vegan cheese of choice nowadays).

The Amy’s Vegan Margherita and American Flatbread Vegan Harvest are the only variety of dairy free pizza those two brands produce.  All the rest of their varieties are made with dairy cheese, with one exception for Amy’s – their Soy Cheeze pizza contains casein in the soy cheese and is therefore only lactose free, but not dairy free (they also used to produce a vegan and gluten free pizza with rice crust, but it seems to have been discontinued).

The Tofurky Cheese Pizza is of the four the one with which I am least familiar.  I remember trying it when it first came out years ago, but don’t remember much about it.  So this will give me a chance to re-acquaint myself with that one.  Generally, I am not a huge fan of Tofurky’s products – back in the day I ate some of their faux meat products, with my favorite being their Italian Sausages.

The game plan for my taste test is pretty simple.  I tried to get four pizzas that are composed of the three ingredients that make up pizza: dough, sauce and cheese.  When I make pizzas at home, I usually put on a lot of toppings and extra Daiya cheese, but I will try to resist that urge so that I can focus on what the pizza tastes like on its own.  I will also resist the urge to read between the lines when it comes to how I bake the pizzas – in other words, I will follow the directions on the boxes for temperature and time.  If I have issues with the directions, I will mention that in the upcoming posts.

Stay tuned for the upcoming reviews and comparisons.  And just to let you know, after eating pizza 4 days in a row, I will be taking a carb break!

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