Thai Market: dairy free lunch for one

Thai Market

Thai Market

I want to tell you that I enjoyed my recent lunch at Thai Market in New York City, and it hardly mattered that I was all by myself.   The being alone part was an accident: I was supposed to be having lunch with a friend who came down with something and forgot about our lunch.  So I thought, along as I was already at Thai Market, I might as well stay and enjoy a good lunch, and enjoy a good lunch I did!

Daikon Cake

Daikon Cake

I will cut to the chase and tell you that the appetizers were the star of the show.  I didn’t expect that when I ordered the daikon cake, it would come almost like a salad – yes, I know the menu indicated it was with egg, bean sprouts and spicy soy sauce, but I was thinking that maybe all the ingredients were mixed into the fried cake.  No!  The daikon was nicely friend and then mixed with these other ingredients, creating a delightful dish!  The only quibble I would have is that a couple of the pieces of daikon were a bit undercooked, leaving them a bit chewy; but otherwise, this was a winner.

Steamed Thai dumplings

Steamed Thai dumplings

My “other” appetizer, steamed Thai dumplings, came as part of the lunch special I ordered (more on that later), and were also quite nice.  I am used to dumplings coming with a dipping sauce, and wondered at the lack of dipping sauce when these arrived.  But they were plenty juicy and flavorful all on their own, with minced chicken, preserved radish and peanuts along with the silky noodle wrapper creating a lovely dumpling.

So yes, I ordered the lunch special for just $8 (hey, being economical is good, right?) and that gave me the choice of an appetizer (the aforementioned dumplings) and an entree.  Color me vanilla, but I opted for an old favorite, green curry with chicken (a photo of the same is at the top of this post).  It was as expected, quite good.  After downing the two appetizers, I had room for just one helping of curry, spread over some of the Thai Hom Mali Rice (aka Jasmine rice).  I took the leftovers home with me and shared them with Therese, and believe me, next time I go to Thai Market, I am going to have to bring her with me!

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