Aarón Sanchez’s Vuelo Taqueria saves the day!

Aaron Sanchez’s Vuelo Taqueria

Aarón Sanchez and his Vuelo Taqueria in LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal C helped to salvage my day today!  I was supposed to fly to Toronto today and join my wife for a long weekend.  That didn’t happen.  For some reason having to do with the weather, I arrived at LaGuardia to discover that all the flights going to Toronto today were cancelled.  I talked with Therese about my options.  Maybe JFK or Newark Airport might have a flight.  Maybe Air Canada or American might be able to get me to Toronto today.

I decided to re-book with the same carrier, Westjet, for a flight tomorrow.  I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day scrambling to find a way to get to Toronto.  I was concerned that no matter what I did, I might still end up the day in New York City.  So I said, ok, let’s just try again tomorrow.

Make no mistake: I was very disappointed.  I haven’t seen my wife for several days.  I had planned a lovely dinner with her tonight at a Toronto restaurant.  I always feel better when I’m with her.  And now I have to wait another day to see her.  But after I got over my disappointment and aggravation, I remembered that I had had virtually no breakfast, and was very very hungry.

And there was Vuelo Taqueria to look forward to.  Since the time several months ago that I heard about the new restaurants opening up in Delta’s Terminal C at LaGuardia, I have been waiting for a chance to try one or more of these new exciting places.  Vuelo Taqueria was high on my list.  I was wondering, knowing how cheese-centric Mexican cuisine can be, especially tacos, whether there would be good dairy free options for me at Sanchez’s restaurant.

LaGuardia Terminal C’s food court

I stepped up to the counter at Vuelo Taqueria.  The restaurant shares space with a Chinese take out restaurant, Xun Su, and with magazine racks decorating the space below the food display case, it looks more like a newspaper stand than a restaurant.  I engaged someone behind the counter and he told me there is only one man who handles the food for Vuelo.  So I waited for this man, and asked him if I could get tortas without dairy.  He told me that since the food is made to order, you can get anything you like with whatever fixings you want.  Good answer!

So I got two tortas, a “Pampazones” with spicy chorizo, bean paste and avocado, and a “Carnitas” with succulent chunks of pork, each served on dug-out artisan rolls.  The counter man had asked me if I wanted some hot sauce on my Pamazones, and I allowed him to put a bit on it.  Wow, this thing was spicy! But oh so good.  The chorizo was seasoned and the bean paste and avocado balanced the ground sausage perfectly.

Carnitas torta

Pampazones torta

After eating my two sandwiches and washing them down with a big Coke, I headed to a taxi back home, feeling full, content, and over all my disappointment and aggravation.  I am still sad to not be able to kiss my wife and spend my evening with her.  But Mr. Sanchez and his lovely spicy sandwiches made me feel that it’s ok.  Tomorrow I will make it to Toronto.  Today I ate like a king, and it was at an airport.  How amazing is that?

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