Delta Airlines in-flight entertainment, New York to Brussels

In less than 6 weeks, my wife and I will be flying Delta Airlines from New York City’s JFK International Airport to Brussels, Belgium to start a 10-day exploration of three of Belgium’s most historic and colorful cities, Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp.  As I begin preparing for the trip, and start poring over the details, one of the questions that comes to mind is, “What kind of in-flight entertainment will be available on the flight?”

To be specific, I am curious as to whether there will be personal televisions or overhead monitors.  I always find myself having to crane my neck to see the monitors, and am rarely interested in the movies they are showing.  I would much rather have a personal television, so I can pick from a slew of movies and watch them up close when I want to.  I was delighted to see that Delta’s On Demand service offers 300 movies, including some “New Releases” I would be happy to see like “The Hunger Games.”  So now the question is, will the flight we are on have personal televisions and On Demand service?

Delta tells us that On Demand service is available on A330, B737, B747, B757, B767 and B777 aircraft.  Is my flight going to be on one of those aircraft?  Flight Aware indicates that, yes, our flight, Delta 140, is in fact a Boeing 767-300.  However, I was not content to believe that that would mean that there would definitely be personal tvs on our flight.  I wanted confirmation.  Thankfully, such confirmation comes from Delta: as of August 2011, the 767-300ER fleet is getting upgrades, including entertainment on demand in the economy/coach section of the airplanes.  Seatguru provides yet more confirmation of this fact, and also shows where important things like lavatories will be found on our flight.

Hooray!  I am looking forward to watching a couple of movies to while away the time flying over the Atlantic in a few weeks.  In the past, I have watched movies like “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows” with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law during international flights, and I find that action-filled, noisy movies work best.  The constant thrum of the airplane makes it hard for me to follow anything with subtlety.  If I get bored with movies, Delta’s On Demand programming also offers episodes of cable tv shows and music videos.

And how does Delta’s in-flight entertainment match up against other carriers worldwide?  Not very favorably, to be honest.  The award for best in-flight entertainment for 2012 goes to Emirates Airlines, and Delta did not even finish in the top 10.  Then again, neither did American or Virgin or US Air or any other airline I usually fly.  Turkish Airlines, which I have flown once (from Venice to Istanbul last September), came in 7th.  I’m sorry to say that Delta was not voted best in any category.  Virgin America, which I’ve flown a couple times from JFK to Tampa, Florida, did show up in other categories, being voted Best Domestic Airline in North America, Best Low-Cost Airline in North America and Best Airline Staff Service in North America.  Hmm, next time maybe we should fly on Virgin or Turkish Air!

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